Things Montgomery County Development Authority Offers

  • new_health_centerReduce or eliminate land cost based on jobs created and investment
  • Site Preparation such as clearing and grading based on job creation and investment
  • Environmental studyImage
  • Improved access
  • Road construction
  • DOT assistance
  • Rail spurs
  • Traffic control/signals
  • High Tech infrastructure
  • Client specific demographics and community research
  • Building / land inventory
  • Comprehensive introduction to the Montgomery County Community
  • Active link to county, city and state officials
  • Honest sensitive evaluation of how the project would fit in Montgomery County
  • Vision of accomplishment for each project

Toombs-Montgomery Chamber of Commerce and Development Authorities

Bill Mitchell
Exec. Dir. Toombs County Dev. Auth.
(912) 537-4466.
Fax (912) 537-1805
Joe Filippone
Executive Director MCDA.
(912) 583-4676
Fax (912) 583-2026
BusinessInvestmentJobs Created
Anixiter Inc.$275,000.009
Bestline Sash and Door$2,032,975.0046
Brewton Parker Student Activities Center$5,000,000.0012
D.D.'s Battery and Starter$498,000.0015
JLG Forwarding$998,000.0010
Oconee River Produce$1,789,000.0030
Patriot Gas$1,100,000.007
RFC Seals and Couplings$369,000.0029
Ronald Williams$375,000.008
Sellers Brothers Cabinet$354,000.0010
Sikes Cookers$470,000.006
Southeastern Mechanical$417,739.006
Southern Drainage Products$942,446.0056
Southern Pride Gates$181,420.0012
VNS Corporation$3,580,000.0049
Webster Motor Company$6,599,56.0014
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