County Commissioners

Commission meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at 5:30pm. Current Commissioners and office staff are listed here along with their contact information; as well as access to their meeting minutes.
Address: P.O. Box 295, 310 West Broad Street, Mt Vernon, Ga. 30445
Phone: 912-583-2363
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(Dist. 3 – Post 1)
Charles Greg Palmer
Cell: 912-582-7399

Vice-Chairman (Dist. 3 – Post 2)
Clarence Thomas
Cell: 912-326-1738
Commissioner (Dist. 1)
Chad Kenney
Cell: 912-293-0424

Commissioner (Dist. 2)
Tim Williamson
Cell: 912-293-6204


Commissioner (Dist. 4)
Leland Adams
Cell: 912-585-7227

County Manager
Brandon Braddy
Fax: 912-583-2026
County Clerk
Renee Cason
Fax: 912-583-2026

Tax Office

Tax Commissioner
P.O. Box 317
411 Railroad Avenue
Mt Vernon, Ga. 30445
912-583-2571 P
912-583-4724 F
Tax Assessor
P.O. Box 156
411 Railroad Avenue
Mt Vernon, Ga. 30445
912-583-4131 P
912-583-4131 F
Loretta Lane, Tax Commissioner

Julie Adams, Chief Appraiser
Leslie Hullender, Deputy Tax Commissioner
Diane Green, Appraiser

Sheriff’s Office

Address:P.O. Box 277, 208 East Broad Street, Mt Vernon, Ga. 30445
Phone: 912-583-2521 -- Fax: 912-583-4701
Doug Maybin, Sheriff

Ron Bivins, Chief Deputy
Karen Outler, Secretary

Court Staff

Clerk of Superior Court
Keith Hamilton


Probate Judge
Rubie Nell Sanders


Magistrate Judge
Mona Bell


Jimmy Sharpton


Other Offices

Board of Registrars Office
P.O. Box 363
400 Railroad Avenue
912-583-4396 P
912-583-4343 F
Bobbie Carpenter
County Agent’s Office
P.O. Box 276
130 West Broad Street
Mt Vernon, Ga. 30445
912-283-2240 P
912-583-2744 F
County Agent
Jennifer Miller
Emergency Management Agency
P.O. Box 295
310 West Broad Street
Mt Vernon, Ga. 30445
912-583-2840 P
912-583-2026 F
EMA Director, Code Enforcement
Donnie Daniels
Senior Center
391 Morrison Street
P.O. Box 312
Mt Vernon, Ga. 30445
912-583-4895 P
912-583-4895 F
Kathleen Fennell
Development Authority
P.O. Box 251
415 South Richardson Street
Mt Vernon, Ga. 30445
912-583-4676 P
Joe Filippone
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