County Overview

Montgomery County is one of the oldest counties in the state of Georgia. Established in 1793, our tax records date back to 1795. Montgomery County is a great place to live, work and raise a family. Our history is wide and varied, and in many respects is tied directly to the people who live here now. Many of our present day residents are direct descendants of the founding fathers of the county. Our county is divided into five districts. Our school system directly serves all five districts from Mt. Vernon, the county seat. Brewton Parker College, a four year institution, is also located in Mt. Vernon. Our map shows the location of each district in the county, and the central location of the county seat, Mt Vernon. The Montgomery County Government consists of a five man commission. Each County Commissioner is elected county wide for a four year term. We are located in the Southeastern central section of Georgia, in the heart of the Vidalia Sweet Onion growing region. Many of our county residents are also Onion Farmers.

Some History About Montgomery County

General Richard MontgomeryMontgomery County has a long and interesting past. We are located in Southeast Georgia. Montgomery County was created from Washington County by an Act of the Legislature on December 19th 1773. We rank 18th in the order of counties created. Originally the area of this county was much larger than it is at the present time, containing Tattnall County, Wheeler Counties and parts of Treutlen, Toombs, Emanuel, and Johnson Counties.

Montgomery County was named for General Richard Montgomery who was mortally wounded at the siege of Quebec during the Revolutionary War. Mount Vernon, the county seat, was named for George Washington’s home on the Potomac River. General Montgomery had given much of his possessions, and even his life in our struggle for independence. The general Assembly of Georgia adapted the name Montgomery. Fifteen other states have counties named for General Richard Montgomery. In addition to counties being named for him, Alabama’s capitol city bears his name. Most of the early settlers of the County were Scotchmen who came from the mountains of North Carolina at the close of the Revolutionary war. Due to unsettled conditions (mostly raiding Indians), It was 20 years after the county was created before any public buildings were built.

Montgomery county is located at coordinates 32 degrees 10 minutes north and 82 degrees 38 minutes west. It is in the upper Coastal plains area of Georgia, and covers approximately 150.400 acres of land at an elevation of 275 feet above sea level. The county boundaries are the Oconee River on south, Treutlen County on the north, and Toombs County on the east.

In 1960 the Population of Montgomery County 6,284 making it the 135th county in the state. The area of the county is 235 square miles, making it 126th in size. It is in the 20th State Senatorial district, and in the 1st congressional district.

The Montgomery County Government consists of a five man commission. Each commissioner is elected county wide for a four year term.

County Commissioners

Commission meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at 5:30pm. Current Commissioners and office staff are listed here along with their contact information; as well as access to their meeting minutes.
Address: P.O. Box 295, 310 West Broad Street, Mt Vernon, Ga. 30445
Phone: 912-583-2363
Download Meeting Minutes
(Dist. 3 – Post 1)
Charles Greg Palmer
Cell: 912-423-2827

Vice-Chairman (Dist. 3 – Post 2)
Clarence Thomas
Cell: 912-326-1738

Commissioner (Dist. 1)
Chad Kenney
Cell: 912-293-0424

Commissioner (Dist. 2)
Tim Williamson
Cell: 912-293-6204


Commissioner (Dist. 4)
Leland Adams
Cell: 912-585-7227

County Manager
Brandon Braddy
Fax: 912-583-2026

County Clerk
Renee Cason
Fax: 912-583-2026

Population and Infrastructure

CountyPopulation% Growth
Toombs County22,59224,07226,0676.6%8.3%
Montgomery County7,0117,1638,2702.2%15.5%
City of Vidalia11,07811,07110,491-0.1%-5.2%

Key Demographics

2000 Census% African American% Hispanic% Caucasian
Toombs County24.2%8.9%66.9%
Montgomery County27.2%3.3%69.5%

Savannah – 90 miles Atlanta – 165 miles 6,000′ & 5,000′ concrete runways New terminal with modern avionics. I-16 is 15 miles north I-95 is 85 miles eastI-75 is 90 miles west : Georgia Central Railway Heart of Georgia Railroad Savannah – 90 miles

Resource Links

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Montgomery County Public SchoolsThis is the official website for the Montgomery County School System. The School System mission is to create a World Class education for all students so that they are ready for college or the workplace.
Brewton Parker CollegeThis is a Private four year Christian Baptist College located in Southeast Georgia at Mt Vernon, (Montgomery County), providing students with a caring and nurturing Christian Baptist environment.
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