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Mission Statement

The mission of Montgomery County is to collectively meet the needs of our residents and communities and to realize the Board of Commissioners’ vision. County operations and activities will be designed to protect and enhance the lives of the County’s residents and communities in ways that are compassionate, ethical, and creative within the limits of what residents financially support.


The vision of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners is to have our residents’ well-being flourish in an environment that is physically safe and supportive. We see a community where individuals and families are considered important and strengthened. We see a community where local governments, educational institutions, churches, businesses, and community organizations work together to enhance the quality of life.

About This Website

This web portal is designed to be an information resource for the citizens of Montgomery County Georgia. The information found here is constantly being updated and kept current. You will find information about your County Government and it’s operation. We also have a complete listing of all the Minutes of the County Commission meetings, beginning with late 2006 meetings. Monthly Commission minute listings always lag behind actual meeting minutes by one month.

On this web portal you will find information about each county department, including who runs the department, and the services they provide, along with the department phone numbers and address.

You should be able to find links to just about whatever you need to know at this site. We have links to Newcomer Local Information, Local Area Schools, Georgia Government Information, and Federal Government Information.

We have up to date Sex Offender Listings, Georgia Department of Corrections Inmate Searches, and Real Time RSS Emergency Information Feeds.

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